Report 33 - For a lot of people, the most coveted tag would be for the big three. Moose, elk, and bighorn sheep. Greg tells us why these tags are so special, and that while the odds of getting a tag are low, if you do get drawn, then the odds of harvesting are fairly high.

Report 34 - Open water is upon us, and Greg tells us his department does a lot of legwork to get recreational areas, docks, and other grounds ready to go. He also discusses a Northern pike sandwich recipe.

Report 35 - North Dakota has a lot of neat outdoor opportunities, specifically fishing. One of those is the paddlefish. Greg tells us the hunting season for this fish is this week, and explains more on rules and regulations along with how it is a limited season.

Report 36 - We continue talking paddlefishing this week. It all starts this week. A lot of folks like to camp while doing this. Greg gives us some reminders. He also discusses some other highlights.


Report 37 - As we look forward to fishing this spring and summer, North Dakota is loaded with a lot of lakes and an abundance of species of fish. Greg tells us some of the unique opportunities available.

Report 38 - We continue our fishing theme and discuss various regions such as, lakes to the north versus south; as well as east versus west in North Dakota.

Report 39 - We talked paddle fishing recently in a report. That season has now come to a close. Greg gives us details. He also discusses catch and release opportunities for this fish.

Report 40 - Open water fishing is here and in full swing. Greg tells us his department is asking anglers to participate in a challenge. He gives us details.