Report 89 - We're into the first week of deer season. A lot of hunters are in the field. It was windy in western North Dakota on Saturday when I was out on opening weekend. Greg and I each give an overview of what we saw out there. Greg also discusses weather patterns and when he thinks the rut will start.

Report 90 - We're in the meaty part of fall. Deer, waterfowl migration, upland game, and lots of options to spend our time on. Greg gives us more. We also discuss the November hunting transition as many of us have had our first snow.

Report 91 - Feedback is important for the ND State Game and Fish Department. They'll be welcoming input soon as they undertake their eight advisory board meetings across the state. Greg tells us more.

Report 92 - There are at least subtle changes each year to laws by the game and fish department. Greg tells us there's a big meeting coming soon to discuss such changes and gives us some details. He also tells us where to find this info on their website.


Report 93 - Chronic Wasting Disease sampling has been heavy the past few weeks as the deer gun season wrapped up. While it will be a while before the results are in, Greg tells us what we might anticipate. He also discusses feedback from their advisory board meetings and discusses a live online meeting coming soon.

Report 94 - Ice fishing is well underway and ice is continuing to form. In the meantime, Greg tells us to be careful. As we hit the end of November, he reminds us there are still lots of opportunities to get out and hunt.

Report 95 - As the deer gun season ends, cold temperatures are quickly turning water to ice and setting the stage for anglers. Greg gives us some ice safety tips in this report.

Report 96 - Greg discusses tips for fishing tournament organizers. He also discusses how nonprofit organizations can align with his department.