Report 103 - In a previous report, we talked about advisory board meetings. When your department met recently for an annual staff meeting, many of those topics were brought up. Greg tells us more. He also tells us his department recently wrapped up it's salmon spawning efforts and gives us some details.

Report 104 - As we transition into a new year, Greg reflects on 2019. We also give a big thank you to our partnering stations, sponsors, and to all of our listeners.

Report 105 - This report is with a successful North Dakota moose hunter. Denise Billadeau went on her first ever big game hunt after getting drawn for a tag and shot a beauty. This is her story.

Report 106 - With many hunting seasons now wrapped up, Greg gives us a look back at 2019. He also tells us with rifles and shotguns put to rest, there are plenty of activities still to be had.


Report 1 - Greg tells us about several awards given out at the annual NDSG&F annual staff meeting recently; including a notable IT person named the "Employee of the Year."

Report 2 - Many people are transitioning from the field to the frozen waters. Greg gives a few reminders and some pointers as we head into that season.

Report 3 - Greg gives us the latest updates on the NDSG&F Department website. He also tells us how there are field offices scattered across the state and their department is always open to conversations face-to-face or though the website.

Report 4 - Educating the public is a very important part of the NDSG&F Department. Greg tells us how video content is being used for education on the NDSG&F Department website, as well as a TV series that is aired on stations across ND. He also talks about various workshops that are available to the public.