Report 35 - Greg tells us his department recently launched a new program to get anglers out. It's called "ND Fish Challenge." He also explains what this challenge entails.

Report 36 - Greg tells us that his department has a lot of ideas as to where anglers can go to fish; from the larger lakes to the smaller venues.

Report 37 - I hope we can say it finally is the time of year where we can get our boats ready to roll for spring and summer fishing. Greg gives some suggestions.

Report 38 - Greg tells us his department does a lot of surveys for anglers and that this time of year many of those are getting out. He tells us more. Greg also tells us the importance of these when it comes to managing.


Report 39 - Greg tells us his department is a fairly small one, and one way they conduct their efforts across the state is through volunteers. They recently recognized them at their annual banquet in Bismarck. He tells us more.

Report 40 - The North Dakota State Game and Fish is one of the smallest of its kind in the state by employee numbers. Greg runs some of those numbers by us. He also discusses daily operations.

Report 41 - Greg tells us their department has been a longtime supporter of youth and education. He tells us about a North Dakota Game Warden association scholarship. Greg also discusses careers in the field.

Report 42 - With the deer application in progress, some good news, especially for mule deer. Numbers are up and Greg gives us the details. He also tells us how weather affected the field work for this survey.