Report 35 - As we get into May, a lot of us are used to making Memorial Day plans. Those plans now deal with different times, and Greg tells us might need to be altered. He also suggests its a good time to reach out to farmers for a helping hand giving spring's work.

Report 36 - The ice is off and we're already seeing boats on the water; a sure sign summer is on the way. Greg talks about boating. We also give a reminder to be careful and control what you can when on a boat.

Report 37 - News recently out, the NDSF has been cancelled. Greg tells us about how important that time is for his department as they are a staple each year at the fair, and always something he looks forward to. We also discuss other summer activities, including Greg telling us all lakes in North Dakota will be open.

Report 38 - Greg gives us a fishing tournament update in this report. Of course tournaments have been put on hold in North Dakota, but Greg has some potential good news. He also discusses the spring mule deer survey, which indicates numbers are up.


Report 39 - If you've ever had aspirations to become a game warden, your opportunity could be now. Greg gives us the details. He also tells us what sort of responsibilities a game warden has.

Report 40 - This month of May is safe boating month. Greg tells us what this means from his perspective. He also tells us there's some upcoming habitat workshops and gives details.

Report 41 - Greg tells us his department does a lot of tagging of fish to continue to develop their studies. A current walleye study is now in its second of four years. He gives us at update. Greg also tells us the deer gun deadline is approaching.

Report 42 - The topic of aquatic nuisance species is in the news again, really as a precursor to the summer ahead. Greg explains. He also gives some added tips to help avoid AMS.