Report 89 - We are talking outdoor hot topics and the advisory board meeting. Greg tells us when and where they are held, how to attend, and whether or not they will be virtual this year. He also tells us how to initiate an outdoor topic.

Report 90 - The deer gun season is off and running in North Dakota with the last day being November 22nd. Greg tells us of some successful hunters and discusses posted land.

Report 91 - Hunters are on the back end of the deer gun season, and a little more than a month on the bow season. Lots of stories to be shared and a few more to be made. Greg tells us more. He also discusses his department's recent mule deer survey and has the results.

Report 92 - Lots of ice is starting to form on ponds and lakes across North Dakota. As we see this develop, we need to respect the possible dangers. Greg tells us more. He also tells us some additional federal land becomes available to hunt upland game after the deer gun season.


Report 93 - The deer gun season is now over in ND. Greg and Neil filled their tags and a lot of others they know did as well. Some will have to wait until next year. Greg tells us what his department considers a good fall deer hunt from a numbers standpoint. He also tells us his department sends out surveys, including for deer.

Report 94 - The deer gun season is done for the 2020 season in ND, but still a lot of good hunting, we hope, for another month or so. Greg tells us more. He also gives us a mountain lion update.

Report 95 - ND has many unique opportunities, and many that people might not be aware of. One is trapping river otter. Greg tells us more. He also tells us about other furbearer opportunities including the coyote.

Report 96 - As we get into December, our seasons continue to change. Some activities are coming to an end, while others are just getting started. Greg tells us more. He also gives us an update on fishing contests in North Dakota.