Report 49 - There is some good news on one of the top upland game birds in the state. Greg tells us pheasant numbers look to be up, come this fall. He also discusses other variables that could affect numbers such as chick survival.

Report 50 - A lot of people are taking to the outdoors again this summer. Greg gives advice for the busy lake season.

Report 51 - We've talked a lot about aquatic nuisance species in recent reports and Greg says he received some troubling news regarding zebra mussels in a North Dakota lake. He gives us details. Greg also tells us some reminders going forward regarding ANS.

Report 52 - With a recent discovery of zebra mussels in Lake Ashtabulah, Greg tells us the impact for lakes with this infestation. He also tells us where zebra mussels come from.


Report 53 - Drinking and boating often are a bad combination. Greg tells us as we celebrate this week to be cautious. HE also discusses distracted driving while on your watercraft.

Report 54 - Deer lottery has been held for the upcoming deer gun season. Greg gives us some details. HE also discusses licenses that remain for the season.

Report 55 - The North Dakota State Fair is only days away and Greg tells us how his department will be a big part of it again. He gives us several highlights to look forward to.

Report 56 - Aquatic nuisance species are hitting our headlines again this week. Greg tells us about the most recent unfortunate occurrence. He also tells us that there are deer tags still available and gives us the numbers.