Report 17 - We touched on ice safety last week, and this week we're talking the removal of ice houses. Greg tells us the deadline is soon and gives details. He also discusses the lottery drawing for the big three and it's application is due soon.

Report 18 - We talk habitat often on Outdoor Issues, and Greg tells us his department has a free habitat program for landowners. He also tells us there are other ways to help with habitat as well.

Report 19 - Applications for the big three are due soon. Some of the most sought after tags in the state. We continue our talk on moose, elk and bighorn sheep, as Greg tells us the latest on big horns in the state.

Report 20 - April 1st marks the new fishing season and the two year cycle for the fishing regulations. Greg tells us some things to keep in mind. He also discusses some legislative news regarding fishing.


Report 21 - The pronghorn season has been back for several years now in North Dakota. Greg gives us the harvest results from last year. He also discusses archery for the non-resident.

Report 22 - With daylight savings time coming about recently, many outdoors enthusiasts are longing for the summer months. Greg elaborates. He also tells us about new contour maps for North Dakota lakes.

Report 23 - Greg and I discuss social distancing and how the governor recently suggested the outdoors as a possible method. He also has other tips in this area.

Report 24 - We continue to discuss social distancing in this report, and how Greg and I are practicing it being in different locations this week. Greg tells us it's a good time to get caught up on outdoors paper work and computer work. He also says it's a good time to get gear ready.