Report 35 - Some results for very coveted tags were recently announced. Greg tells us about the moose and elk draw. He also gives us an update on the big horn sheep lottery.

Report 36 - We've got news regarding mule deer. Greg gives the latest numbers on a survey conducted in April. He also tells us why they conduct this survey at this time of year.

Report 37 - The deer gun license is one of the most coveted in North Dakota and is now in all in electronic entry . Greg gives us details. He also tells us how chronic wasting disease will be a bigger subject come this season.

Report 38 - A big concern for anglers again this year was winter kill across lakes in North Dakota. The netting results are in and Greg tells us what they found out. He also tells us where anglers can go to get more information.


Report 39 - An exciting opportunity for educators is coming up in June. Greg tell us more about a workshop. He also tells us his department is again recognizing youth and a catch of their first fish ever. He tells us how to do it.

Report 40 - Greg tells us it's a busy time of year for his department. Stocking efforts are going on across the state with catchable size fish. He also tells us about other fishing opportunities.

Report 41 - The supposed state record walleye caught recently, has come under some controversy surrounding the catch. Greg gives us the update. He also discusses a free fishing weekend coming up.

Report 42 - As the weather cooperates, a busy weekend and summer ahead for area lakes are ahead. Greg gives us a few reminders.