Report 43 - As fishing season continues to unfold this year, lots of good info is on the Game and Fish website. Greg gives us a few highlights. He also discusses other content.

Report 44 - Some possible legislation we've discussed is now a reality. Electronically posted land is now an option for landowners. Greg tells us more. He also discusses openings for a game warden position and how to apply.

Report 45 - Neil and Greg have talked employment with NDSG&F recently. Greg announces a game warden position search has been extended. He also discusses the game warden job.

Report 46 - As the summer heats up, so does fishing in North Dakota. Greg discusses some bait restrictions in this report. He also discusses some things to keep in mind with anglers traveling out of state.


Report 47 - As we transition to the official summer season, lots of activity is on the water. We remind those that are planning their next outing to always play it safe. Greg also tells us about a home study course.

Report 48 - It's that time of the year where many young wildlife species are appearing. As Greg has stated in the past, typically you should stay away. He says these same rules apply for adult animals.

Report 49 - With the holiday weekend fast approaching, Greg discusses a few important reminders and opportunities. He also reminds us of boater responsibility.

Report 50 - We discuss another popular big game species in North Dakota in this report; the pronghorn. Greg tells us why the lottery is held later than that of deer. He also discusses a new fishing link on their department's website.