Report 55 - Education and safety are big parts of what the state game and fish embodies. Greg shares some opportunities coming up soon.

Report 56 - The NDSG&F website continues to expand, including weekly videos available on their site. Greg gives some details. He also speaks of their monthly magazine also available online.

Report 57 - North Dakota has a record number of lakes being stocked with walleye this year. Greg gives the details. He also tells us how a record number of lakes means extra work for this team.

Report 58 - We're talking walleye fishing again in this report. Greg tells us about this most sought out fish and how it's been another good year so far. Also, he talks about the traffic out there fishing right now.


Report 59 - We talk the pronghorn antelope in this report. Greg tells us how numbers are up, and reminds us that licenses are due soon. He also reports when the season starts and ends this year.

Report 60 - We talk about fall hunting seasons in this report. Greg talks about the early Canada goose season coming up in August. Plus, he tells us about other seasons that have dates locked in for the fall.

Report 61 - Greg discusses his recent vacation to the Turtle Mountains. He also tells us the Turtle Mountains are a good getaway year around, not just in the summer.

Report 62 - Waterfowl numbers in North Dakota have been fabulous the past several years. And according to survey numbers, 2020 looks very good. Greg tells us this duck brood survey has a long history with his department.