Report 49 - With the abundance of fishing spots across North Dakota, Greg tells us how to make finding the right one much easier. He tells us that his department provides a list for the public and how to access it.

Report 50 - Not only does the Game and Fish provide fishing info online, they also have an app that can be utilized. Greg tells us how the app can be used effectively.

Report 51 - When most people think NDSG&F, they think whitetail deer, walleye, and pheasant management. But, Greg tells us his department does a lot of work on non-game species as well. He discusses the mix as well as ND scenery.

Report 52 - Bald eagles are quite the sight to see. Numbers continue to go up in ND. Greg tells us the public is a great asset to this equation. He also discusses how to identify a young bald eagle.


Report 53 - The Game and Fish Department participates in a national program called, "Operation Dry Water." We're in a busy time of year, where a lot of people are utilizing ND waters. A reminder though; to be safe. Greg tells us more.

Report 54 - It's a busy week on lakes across the region. We hope everyone stays safe, but every year accidents do happen that get reported around this time. Greg tells us what to do if you're involved in such an incident. He also tells us about a big game survey his department is conducting.

Report 55 - With the meaty part of summer here, many of us have noticed clogged up boat ramps. Greg gives us some advice on how to make our next boat outing go smoothly. He gives tips on unloading and loading your boat.

Report 56 - With mid July approaching, it means the North Dakota State Fair is coming soon. Greg tells us how busy his team will be there and what can be found in their area. He also discusses cleaning up garbage after an outdoor outing.