Report 69 - A heads up for turkey hunters, as applications are due soon. Greg discusses the season and gives us some details. He also discusses the fall calendar as we get into September.

Report 70 - Chronic Wasting Disease has been an issue over recent years for deer. Greg gives us some reminders, as the deer seasons loom this fall. He also discusses education on the subject.

Report 71 - Fall sports seasons are in full spring, including bowhunting. Greg gives us an outlook. He discusses other opportunities this fall as well.

Report 72 - More than 90% of North Dakota is privately owned, so relationships with landowners are crucial. Greg gives some advice.


Report 73 - One of the most coveted hunting tags in North Dakota is the Bighorn Sheep license. Greg tells us his department recently announced results and tells us more. He also talks the fall turkey season.

Report 74 - Youth hunters in North Dakota generally get a head start if they'd like. This year is no exception. Greg gives us some dates for these opportunities. He also discusses the youth waterfowl season.

Report 75 - A new upland game survey is now complete. Greg tells us some good news regarding numbers across the board. He also gives us feedback on pheasants, grouse, and partridge.

Report 76 - Sitting in for Greg is CEO of Minot's Triangle Y Camp, Nick Greg. We talk the Triangle Y Camp in this report. Nick tells us more about one of the most popular youth camps in the state. He also tells us that Y campers get fishing opportunities.