Report 85 - The US Fish and Wildlife has a proposal which could be good news for outdoor enthusiasts. Also, Greg talks about the importance of relationship building between hunters and North Dakota landowners, since much of North Dakota is privately owned.

Report 86 - Greg has an update on what to do if you find yourself in a deer car collision. The NDSG&F department's outdoors calendar is out. Greg tells us more about the calendar and where you can get one.

Report 87 - Chronic wasting disease has hit the news again. Greg has an update on some deer that have detected positive. He also tells us about the great opportunities right now in the outdoors.

Report 88 - Many anglers are transitioning from summer fishing to hard water. Greg's department is showing that fishing numbers are looking good. Also, he tells us why it's a good time to be a waterfowl hunter in North Dakota.


Report 89 - With the biggest hunting season upon us, the 2019 deer gun season gets underway. Greg tells us his department gets a lot of questions this time of year. He also tells us the most common questions he gets during this stretch.

Report 90 - The deer gun season is our theme of the week. Greg tells us about the annual requirement of wearing blaze orange among other things. He also discusses once you've harvested your deer, a few things to keep in mind.

Report 91 - There is a lot of action out in the field with deer season, pheasant, and waterfowl all in full swing. Greg tells us how early ice can be an issue. He also talks about how this can be an issue for hunting dogs.

Report 92 - We're in the midst of our 16 and 1/2 day deer season. Greg gives us an update from out in the field. We also discuss spearfishing and the need to get registered.