Report 69 - It's that time of year. Fall often brings about an increased fire danger. Greg gives some words of caution and tells us fines can be stiff here as well.

Report 70 - We talked baiting restrictions recently in a report to help curb the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. Greg tells us there's another regulation to discuss and also gets into transportation rules.

Report 71 - With the Labor Day weekend behind us, there is a chill in the air and some crisp mornings. That's enough to get a hunter a little excited. Greg agrees. He also gives us an update on the archery season.

Report 72 - As we head into fall, a lot of people think the gun and bow, but there is still some time for that fishing boat! Greg also comments on how this is a great time of year.


Report 73 - The upland game season is underway and some numbers were recently released. Greg gives us some good news in that regard. He also talks sharptail grouse numbers looking better as well.

Report 74 - It's that time of year where cabin owners and others who use the lake during the summer are transitioning to winter. And with that, Greg tells us his department would like some help. He tells us his department is in the midst of a bird survey where hunters can help.

Report 75 - Many hunting seasons are underway. A big one is waterfowl opening over the weekend. Greg gives us details. He also discusses duck and goose regulations.

Report 76 - We talk often about aquatic nuisance species in the summer, but these same rules are in effect for waterfowl hunters. Greg tells us. He also encourages waterfowl hunters to be safe with their boats.